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AUVSI Program on Product Liability

For robot manufacturers, one of the top legal issues is product liability.  Manufacturers don’t want to face a company-ending huge product liability verdict against it.  On Wednesday, June 26, I will be presenting a program on managing the risk of product liability in commercializing robots.  The Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International will be hosting the program as a webinar.  To view a program description and register, click here.

This program follows my presentation at the We Robot Conference at Stanford Law School in April.  The white paper I presented at the program appears here.  I focused on the root causes of large-dollar verdicts against manufacturers in product liability suits.  Why did these verdicts take place?  What are the legal theories under which manufacturers face liability?  How can manufacturers limit and manage their risk?

I also considered some topics that product liability presentations don’t usually cover.  These topics concern sources of risk other than design, manufacturing, and other engineering risks.  In particular, I talked about information security risks and supply chain risk.  I also talked about effective records management practices that will help a manufacturer prepare today to win suits that won’t be filed until perhaps decades from now.

If you missed the We Robot Conference, you have a chance to hear the presentation this coming Wednesday.  I will also add an additional thought about a non-traditional source of risk:  liability arising from faulty data sources.  For instance, in the driverless car context, what happens if a manufacturer obtains map data supply vendor that provides faulty data?  We will discuss this and many other questions.

I hope you can tune into the program this Wednesday.

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