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In this blog I share updates and reflections about my research project with the TTLF as well as related topics that attract my attention.

EU Privacy Regulation Compliance in the Consumer-Internet Industry

Research Project ┃ABSTRACT

The purpose of the research is to investigate the business and legal rationale driving (or preventing) EU privacy compliance for different types of Internet companies (according to their respective business models and dimensions).  The research project involves an empirical analysis of the business consequences of the EU privacy regulation in the consumer-Internet industry.

In particular, the analysis considers: i) what an Internet company must do to comply with applicable EU privacy regulations; ii) the cost of such compliance (including internal policy management, legal fees and any necessary filings/communications with the EU authorities); and iii) the impact of the risk of sanctions/enforcement actions on actual conduct.  The analysis will specifically consider the situation of start-up companies whose business cycle is based on venture capital financing.

In light of such analysis, it will be determined whether the burden of complying with EU privacy regulation is reasonably acceptable (and actually accepted) by the consumer-Internet industry or, if not, what consequences can be expected and propositions formulated.