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Tino Cuéllar Appointed to U.S. Department of Education's Equity and Excellence Commission

Professor Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar was appointed to the U.S. Department of Education’s Equity and Excellence Commission February 17, 2011 to address the achievement gap:

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan today announced the appointment of 28 education advocates, civil rights leaders, scholars, lawyers, and corporate leaders to the Department of Education’s Equity and Excellence Commission. The commission will examine the impact of school finance on educational opportunity and recommend ways school finance can be improved to increase equity and achievement.

The commission will examine the disparities in meaningful educational opportunities that give rise to the achievement gap, with a focus on systems of finance, and recommend ways in which federal policies could address such disparities. The commission will also recommend ways to restructure school finance systems to achieve equity in the distribution of educational resources and further student achievement and attainment. The Department formed the commission in response to a congressional request included in the fiscal year 2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act.

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