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BioSci Fi: The Door Into the Summer, Robert A. Heinlein, 1956

Breaking News – CAFC Reverses Dt Ct Decision Not To Issue a Preliminary Injunction to Sequenom in an NIPT Patent Case

Myriad sues Ambry over BRCA Testing

Myriad Decision Invoked in Appeal of Suit To Invalidate Embryonic Stem Cell Patent Claims

Mini-Podcast with Shubha Ghosh

Antibiotic Resistance and the GAIN Act

AMP v. Myriad – Again!

AMP v. Myriad: The End of Gene Patents?

Federal Circuit Decides AMP v. Myriad (Again)

Prometheus v. Mayo: Subject Matter Eligibility and Composition of Matter

Quick Note – The Supreme Court Has Gavrilo'd the Myriad Case

The Supreme Court Decides Mayo v. Prometheus, Strikes Down Patents

Stay tuned for analysis and commentary on the Supreme Court's decision in Mayo v. Prometheus

Stanford Panel on the Gene Patents Controversy

Is the Oft-Cited Figure that 20% of Genes are Patented Wrong?

Federal Circuit Holds Medical Diagnostic Tests Patentable

Bilski’s Impact on Pending Biotech Cases

Patent Cover-Up

More on the ACLU Suit to Invalidate Myriad’s Patents on Breast Cancer Genes

Biobanking, Bioethics & the Law