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Neuroscience, Neuroethics, and Advertising

Podcast No. 7

Hot News! 6th Circuit Affirms in US v. Semrau – Says "No" to fMRI Lie Detection

Thoughts on the Discovery of the Higgs Boson and the Nature of “Major Scientific Discoveries”

The Supreme Court, New Technologies, and Privacy – Another Case of Approach/Avoidance

From Science to Technology: The Case of the Locked In

Pain and Personhood

New Research on Detecting Pain

A Link to a Bit More on the Italian "Brain Mitigation" Case

Another "Brain Mitigation" Criminal Sentence from Italy

Alzheimer Disease, Pat Summitt, and Early Detection or Prediction

How the Press Sometimes Drives Me Crazy – Stem Cell Neuroscience in the Media

Law and Memory Conference – A Wrap-Up

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