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Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis – AND Shameless Self-Promotion

A Word on The Daily Digest

Federal Circuit Holds Medical Diagnostic Tests Patentable

NEWS FLASH: DC Circuit Continues Stay of Judge Lamberth's Injunction Pending the Conclusion of the Appeal

An interim update on the stem cell litigation

Stem Cell Madness – Judge Lamberth's Opinion and Order Enjoining hESC Research

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The Havasupai Case and How to Make Consent Forms Better

Transplanting New Voices

Violence and Empathy: Brain Bedfellows?

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DSM-V Comes Out of the Closet

fMRI, Consciousness, and Vegetative States

Three Studies of American Prescribing Patterns

Biosciences in Society During the Last Decade

Rent vs. Buy: Compensation Related to Womb and Organ Donation

Autism Identification Rates Continue to Rise