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A Link to a Bit More on the Italian "Brain Mitigation" Case

Another "Brain Mitigation" Criminal Sentence from Italy

Diseases and Apostrophes – A (Sort of) Poll

Alzheimer Disease, Pat Summitt, and Early Detection or Prediction

Health Reform in the Appellate Courts – Now Tied, One to One

News Flash – Ct of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Decides Myriad Appeal!

Good News for Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Judge Lamberth Rules for the NIH

If an Outrage Is Clever Enough, Is It Still an Outrage? Or, Kudos to Boalt Hall and Santa Clara Law School

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Stem Cell Injunction Reversed!

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SAVE THE DATE: Law and Memory Conference – April 1, 2011

Non-Invasive Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis – An Update

Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis – AND Shameless Self-Promotion

A Word on The Daily Digest

Justice Department Opposes (Some) Gene Patents in the Myriad Appeal

NEWS FLASH: DC Circuit Continues Stay of Judge Lamberth's Injunction Pending the Conclusion of the Appeal

An interim update on the stem cell litigation

Stem Cell Madness – Judge Lamberth's Opinion and Order Enjoining hESC Research

Should Mary Carmichael Get DTC Genetic Testing? My Full Post