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Yet More Mini-Podcasts

CLB's Jacob Sherkow on Mayo v. Prometheus and the Method of Invention

Mark Lemley on FTC v. Actavis Oral Argument

Critics skeptical about announcements by GSK and Roche to make available more clinical trial data

TUESDAY: Dr. John Ioannidis on The Reliability of Biomedical Evidence and How to Improve It

De-Extinction TEDx Conference on Friday, March 15

The Markingson Case: Investigate the University of Minnesota

Evidentiary Cross-Contamination

Mini-Podcast with Susan M. Wolf

On Not De-Extincting Homo neanderthalensis

Outbreaks and Duties

Five Supreme Court Arguments Coming Soon in Law and the Biosciences!

CLB Workshop Mini-Podcasts

Podcast No. 6

The Drug Labeling Experts–They're Not Who You Think

Podcast Bonanza

VIDEO: Richard Epstein on Pharmaceutical Marketing and the First Amendment

Genetic Privacy in the Age of Facebook, And the Fourth Amendment

The "Undertheorized" World of Social Security Law

The FDA, Off-Label Use, and the First Amendment: A Conversation with Richard Epstein