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CLB Podcast! August 2013

Hey CLB Podcast listeners: we’ve got our new podcast up for August 2013. In this edition, we welcome our new fellow, Patti Zettler, discuss whether blood is “property” for purposes of the federal rules, rehash Haskell v. Harris, talk about getting high–legally–in New Zealand, and knock-down the research egg-donation ban in California. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “CLB Podcast! August 2013”

  1. Will Baude says:

    Is there a way to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes?

  2. hgreely says:

    I wish I could say “yes” but I can’t. Yet. I can say “we’re working on it” and that we’ll let you know as soon as we figure it out.

  3. Will Baude says:

    Thanks! In the meantime, as long as you post about new episodes on the blog, I can follow along . . .

  4. Debra Greenfield says:

    Re: egg donation podcast. I objected to Professor Greely’s description of the issues presented by those who objected to the law and supported the veto for the payment for eggs for research. The main issue that Professor Greely did not raise was the health risks, known and unknown, of the harvesting of women’s eggs through the IVF procedures. The balance of these risks is obviously different in the context of fertility. The evidence of known risks is readily available (see, e.g., Our Bodies Ourselves website, or Center for Genetics and Society), and there are no registries or long term follow up data for unknown risks, such as ovarian and uterine cancer as a result of the drugs used in ovarian stimulation.

    When I questioned Professor Greely regarding the above as being the primary reason feminist health activists opposed the law he was skeptical about the risks of the procedure….that is fine…however, that does not excuse the fact that he chose not to disclose or discuss that this was in fact, the primary reason they opposed the law…

    thanks, Debra Greenfield, JD, Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA Center for Society & Genetics

  5. JD says:

    Add another vote for podcast subscription! And blood, property? Power grabs going on everywhere.

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