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Jacob Sherkow on DNA profiles vs. sequences

CLB fellow Jacob Sherkow has penned an op-ed for Cleveland’s Plain Dealer analyzing a recent Ohio Supreme Court ruling on DNA collection by law enforcement.   The court ruled that the State can keep DNA collected from arrestees, even if they are subsequently acquitted of the crimes for which they were arrested.  As Jake explains, the court’s analysis, which distinguished between DNA “profiles” and “sequences,” may be important to another case currently before the Supreme Court: Maryland v. King.

Read Jake’s analysis here, and stay tuned to our Case Updates page to track new developments on DNA collection by law enforcement.

One Response to “Jacob Sherkow on DNA profiles vs. sequences”

  1. Doug says:

    This is an interesting article. It would appear that even when acquitted, there will be a record kept on the arrested individual. I have mixed feeling. Even though the DNA profile could link the suspect to another case in the future, it is based on the assumption of guilt. I would believe there will be some protests to this decision particularly from organizations like the ACLU. I agree. It will eventually find its way the SCOTUS.

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