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Climate Change and the Ocean – In Pictures

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Copenhagen, Denmark. As part of Oceans Day at COP15, the Center for Oceans Solutions teamed up with the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) to produce a six minute multimedia short entitled Oceans +2C. Oceans +2C uses the backdrop of stunning ocean photography to deliver a series of messages on the ocean in the face of climate change. The messages come from a collection of leading ocean scientists from Stanford University, MBARI and the Carnegie Institute for Science and are given in their own words. The film was launched at the Oceans Day reception, co-sponsored by the Center for Ocean Solutions and hosted by the Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands as part of their day long program dedicated to integrating the ocean into climate change policy. View Oceans +2C here:

As a partnership dedicated, in large part, to elevating the role of science in policy, the Center for Ocean Solutions came to COP15 to communicate the central role that the ocean plays in the earth’s climate, as well as the urgent need to consider it in climate-based decision-making. Our team of scientists, policy experts, students and communicators have been actively engaging the COP processes to highlight cutting-edge ocean-climate science and encouraging our world leaders to adopt this science into their policy framework. Amongst the tools used for this outreach, the Center published a fact sheet entitled The Oceans in a +2C Warmer World. The fact sheet was distributed via a week-long exhibit, at the European Environment Agency on Oceans Day and within press kits at various briefings held for journalists.

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