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Keeping up with the latest negotiations versus the rumor mill

How can you keep up with the COP15 negotiations?

Thousands of journalists from every type of media outlet are on-site covering the proceedings, and the blogging and online broadcast productions are extensive. However, access to most negotiating rooms is restricted to negotiators, which is one reason rumors in the corridors can quickly become news stories. Other sources typically originate from a side events and press conferences organized by national delegations, NGO’s, and the UNFCCC Secretariat – all with different interests and angles.

To open access to the formal proceedings far and wide, the UNFCCC has made a major effort to webcast some of the major sessions live. The sessions that are webcast are open to observers, and they typically involve formalities that mask some of the more direct negotiations happening in informal sessions that are closed to observers. Nevertheless, I highly recommend tuning in to history this week:

Finally, IISD produces a summary of the many parallel channels of negotiation each day in a publication called Earth Negotiations Bulletin:

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