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Tuvalu, process, and the COP

In the morning session, Tuvalu requested that the COP be adjourned. This action was in response to an unwillingness of the chair to consider it’s proposal for a new legally binding protocol via a contact group. In response, the chair suspended the COP and began consideration of JI and CDM issues under the CMP – JI and CDM status reports.

After lunch, the President of the COP reported that the dispute had not been resolved and that discussions were ongoing. My sense is that Tuvalu’s actions are in some way related to the Danish Text issue. The Tuvalu proposal is for a new protocol that looks very much like a developing country position on a legally binding agreement to implement the Bali Road Map, but via a 5 year commitment period rather than a 2020 target. This is exactly the kind of agreement that was hoped for at the negotiation but which has been ruled out by the US and other nations in favor of a political agreement.

Meanwhile, time passes.

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