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The Mills Legal Clinic consists of the following clinics:

Criminal Defense Clinic
Students represent defendants facing life terms for extremely minor, non-violent, offenses under California’s Three Strikes law. Students participate in sentencing hearings, appeals, and habeas corpus proceedings in state and federal court.

Criminal Prosecution Clinic
In this small but hard-working clinic, students prosecute cases at the San Jose Superior Court under the guidance of Santa Clara County prosecutors and faculty supervisors.

Cyberlaw Clinic
Pioneer an area of law that is largely without precedent, conducting computer- and Internet-related litigation, policy research, and advocacy.

Environmental Law Clinic
Students provide legal counsel to national, regional, and grassroots nonprofit organizations on a variety of environment issues, with a focus on biodiversity and conserving natural resources.

Immigrants’ Rights Clinic
Students represent immigrants in cases securing rights for survivors of domestic violence or in deportation, and participate in community outreach, public education, or policy advocacy.

International Human Rights and Development Clinic
Explore international human rights and development work by traveling to Africa, where you will document human rights violations, strategize on human rights initiatives and organize projects with the local legal community.

Organizations and Transactions Clinic
Students provide corporate governance, transaction and communications support to nonprofit organizations.

Social Security Disability Pro Bono Project
The SLS Social Security Disability Project (SSDP), the Law School’s only in-house pro bono project, gives students the opportunity to work directly with local homeless clients.

Stanford Community Law Clinic
Students help about 500 low-income clients each year with a wide variety of legal challenges, including landlord-tenant disputes, employment issues, and government benefit claims.

Supreme Court Litigation Clinic
Students litigate cases before the Supreme Court of the United States working on petitions for review, opposition to petitions, and merits briefs filed with the Justices.

Youth and Education Law Project
Dedicated to educational rights and reform work, represent both minors and families in special education and school discipline matters.