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Organizations and Transactions Clinic Students At Work, Fall 2013

The Organizations and Transactions Clinic (“O&T”) has done great work this fall quarter providing operational and corporate governance advice to over 20 Northern California nonprofit clients.  See below for details and photos.

Lindsey Larson ('15) (foreground) and Krista Whitaker ('15) work through a complex contract structure.

Advice and Documents: Programs and Operations

Krista Whitaker (’15) and Greer Mackebee (’15) helped a statewide agricultural nonprofit design a asset-building program that enables beginning and limited resource farmers to save money for investment in their farms, and drafted three other contracts relating to the client’s programs. Krista and Greer also prepared a complex construction services agreement for a leading national affordable housing organization, and provided extensive risk management advice to a San Francisco nonprofit that helps students become the first in their families to graduate from college.

Lindsey Larson (’15) and Devon Mobley-Ritter (’15) advised a San Francisco family services nonprofit about a potential merger transaction. The project entailed multiple calls with the CEO, preparation of confidentiality and due diligence documents, advice about merger process and structural matters, and due diligence review. Lindsey and Devon also provided advice to and prepared a set of nine consulting and other contracts for a North Bay nonprofit support organization, and drafted contract materials for a large San Jose health and wellness nonprofit.

Devon Mobley-Ritter ('15) rehearsing for a board presentation with O&T faculty, staff and fellow students.

Leo Chingcuanco (’15) and Michele Cumpston (’14) reimagined the goods and services procurement process and developed a set of bidding and contract documents for a large international nonprofit that works in multiple countries to develop literacy skills in primary school children. The team also advised a Sonoma County food system nonprofit about legal and business issues associated with implementation of its new strategic plan and drafted a social media policy for a Silicon Valley nonprofit support organization.

Travis Robertson (’15) and Richard Sapien (’14) revamped a software services contract for a South Bay nonprofit that provides technology and IT services to public agencies, an engagement involving significant integration of technical and legal content. The team also provided a San Benito County nonprofit with advice about regulatory matters and drafted new documents for its community farmers’ market. Finally, Travis and Richard assisted a San Francisco commercial kitchen and business incubator with its technical assistance program for food entrepreneurs.

Leo Chingcuanco ('15) and Michele Cumpston ('14) worked together on several projects, including a suite of bidding and contract documents for a large international nonprofit.

Advice and Documents: Corporate Governance

Michele Cumpston (’14) and Lindsey Larson (’15) prepared recommendations and a suite of bylaws, committee charters, policies, and management documents for a leading national affordable housing organization. The team created a wide-ranging deliverable, corresponded regularly with the CEO, and led a lengthy meeting with board members to discuss the advice.

Richard Sapien (’14) and Krista Whitaker (’15) provided comprehensive corporate governance advice and materials for a large Marin County provider of mental and behavioral health services. Richard and Krista spoke with the CEO and members of the board on multiple occasions and presented their recommendations at a meeting of the board of directors.

Richard Sapien ('14) and Travis Robertson ('15) partnered on several projects, one involving preparation of a software services contract for a local IT services provider.

Greer Mackebee (’15) and Travis Robertson (’15) reviewed the governance practices and documents of a long-established Marin County sustainable agriculture, education, and environmental nonprofit. The team toured the farm, met with the CEO, prepared an extensive report, and presented recommendations and materials to the board of directors.

Devon Mobley-Ritter (’15) and Leo Chingcuanco (’15) worked with a large and innovative San Francisco housing provider to review and modernize the organization’s governance documents. The team met with the CEO, drafted multiple documents, and then made a formal presentation at a meeting of directors and senior executives.

Greer Mackebee ('15) and Travis Robertson ('15) provided comprehensive corporate governance advice and documents for a sustainable agriculture, education, and environmental nonprofit.

Other Matters

Clinic students also worked with ongoing O&T clients on a variety of matters, including preparing a set of collaboration, copyright licensing and services agreements for an agricultural nonprofit, assisting the nation’s leading charter school organization with assignment of a credit agreement, advising a rural community health care clinic about audit committee compliance matters, working with a national civil rights organization on documenting a coalition, and consulting with two agricultural nonprofits on collaboration matters.

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