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The English translations of Guiding Cases Nos. 23- 25 are available now!

We are pleased to release the English translations of Guiding Cases Nos. 23 through 25. The cases are:


  • RONG Baoying v. WANG Yang and Alltrust Insurance Co., Ltd. Jiangyin Branch, A Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Liability Dispute, CHINA GUIDING CASES PROJECTEnglish Guiding Case (EGC24), Apr. 4, 2014 (Express Edition), available at http://cgc.law.stanford.edu/guiding-cases/guiding-case-24.


  • Huatai Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch v. LI Zhigui and Zhangjiakou Subbranch of Tianan Property Insurance Company Limited of China Hebei Provincial Branch, An Insurer’s Subrogation Right Dispute, CHINA GUIDING CASES PROJECTEnglish Guiding Case (EGC25), Apr. 4, 2014 (Express Edition), available athttp://cgc.law.stanford.edu/guiding-cases/guiding-case-25.


The above cases, together with Guiding Case No. 26, were included in the sixth and latest batch of Guiding Cases released by the Supreme People’s Court! The English translation of Guiding Case No. 26 and a related commentary were released by CGCP earlier.

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